2017 Week 34 Architecture Gallery: Victoria Concert Hall, Old Parliament

It’s all architecture this time round, as we pay a visit to the Victoria Concert Hall and the neighbouring Old Parliament building. As the name implies, the VCH is a music concert venue in Singapore, and one of only two places in Singapore which is properly designed for the acoustics of musical instruments. Sure there are definitely other venues where you can hold a music concert. But there are only two places with a sound design which can satisfy discerning listeners of instrumental music.

Singapore 2017: Victoria Concert Hall Interior 5Singapore 2017: Victoria Concert Hall Interior Main Foyer
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Victoria Concert Hall 1

Victoria Concert Hall 1
Singapore, Victoria Concert Hall: The historic building was closed a long time for renovations. Although “massive make-over while preserving the historic facade” is a better description. The building has served multiple purposes through history – governing office, concert/arts venue, war hospital, war court, then concert/arts venue again. The statue of the country’s British founder Sir Stamford Raffles stands gazing out to the sea. Except that due to decades of land reclamation, he no longer looks out into the sea really.