Nikkor Promotional Videos By NikonImagingJapan

The camera manufacturers continue to produce some extremely cringe-worthy advertisements for their products that scream, “Let me tell you about all these awesome things from the marketing brochures in this made-up narrative! You need to have this!”. For example, look at Nikon’s “Mongolia” and “Bali” promotional videos. These are so hackneyed, un-subtle and condescending they border on being insulting with their “buy these to become a cool world-traveler” undertones. For the sake of good taste I won’t link to those here – but if you want to engage in psychological self-abuse, you can search for those on Youtube. Just don’t blame me for any trauma. Continue reading “Nikkor Promotional Videos By NikonImagingJapan”

Public Surveillance Camera: Big Brother Is Watching

Public Surveillance Camera

Singapore: It’s not such that much of a big deal as leftist alarmists like to claim. These are deployed all over the island. The advantage is that anyone who commits a crime caught on camera need to leave the country in less than 24 hours or there is over 90% chance that they will get caught. There is a little advantage here for photographers – it is not an offence to record footage or images in public, since it is technically not an offence for the security authorities to do so. As far as the written law is concerned, private property, military sites and obscenity is off limits, but nearly everything else that appears in public is acceptable.