Photo Album Week 43: Singapore Sports Hub 1

Why does this post have the ‘1’ postfix? Because this is definitely not the last time I will be visiting and making images of this place. There should be more photographic possibilities in the future when inspiration strikes again. Built on the site of the original National Stadium (Which was quite a large splendid example of brutalism. Do an internet search for images of it if you are interested.), the new Sports Hub encompasses a new Stadium, sports facilities, a mall (yup this is Singapore all right šŸ˜‰ ), links to an indoor stadium, links to another mall with a cinema, links to other event halls, ice skating ring, and a whole load of other stuff. Read what the official website says, “a world-class, integrated sports, entertainment, and lifestyle hub delivering world-class sporting and entertainment events.”

Stadium FaƧade

Singapore National Stadium 5Nikon D610, 50mm, f/8, 1/200, ISO 100

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Sea Of Difference – Foreigners As Workers And Tourists

Sea of difference
Singapore: A foreigner worker working on a temporary jetty climbs onto the wallĀ of the work-in-progress. Opposite him, other foreigners – here as tourists – mill about a tourist space. All foreigners in this country, but in quiteĀ different situations.